Recently diagnosed with prostate cancer? Why should you choose Tower Urology?

Multi-specialty team approach, you get the input of both radiation oncologists and urological surgeons on your case and choose the right treatment for YOU! WE don’t allow the physician specialty bias to dictate the treatment plan.

-If you choose to have radiation, we work closely with a team of highly skilled and reputable radiation oncologists to come up with an appropriate custom-made treatment plan. Things we consider on an individual basis include: 

  • Use of hormone therapy for intermediate or high-risk prostate cancer
  • Calypso Technology to target and treat the tumor with real time monitoring
  • Treatment of regional lymph nodes
  • Measures to lessen urinary symptoms during and after therapy
  • Potency Preservation rehabilitation program to maintain erectile function

-Should you choose to have surgery, our team’s collective experience spans over 50 years and over 10,000 cases. This is the largest experience in the Western United States.

-Our surgeons are board certified and fellowship trained in open, laparoscopic and robotic assisted surgery.

-Prior to forming Tower Urology, we were the ones teaching other physicians on how to treat prostate cancer.

-We offer a personalized and tailored treatment approach for your disease. We don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” model.

-We personally are responsible for every aspect of your treatment. No student, interns, residents or fellows are involved in delivering your quality care.

-Our success rates with daVinci robotic prostatectomy: 96% of patients regain urinary control, 85% regain potency.

-Online and phone consultations available for expert second opinions