Patient Testimonial – Dr. Matthew Bui

Dr. Bui:

We have not words to thank you for your humanity , your excellence and your incredible empathy since the first day of my husband’s appointment.

You were clear, methodical and with excellent communication as you delivered to us the information of the intensity of the operation my husband needed.

You were a hero for us for having gotten for us the room and the possibility for him to have been operated on December 19th, 2019. I know that was not easy at all.

You personally understood that was needed to save my husband and to do all you could for his survival. I know you went beyond what is normal to get that room with us. Thank you so much.

You were so kind and outstanding in how you came to our room on Christmas day and gave us the three good news. For us that was a miracle. And it was a miracle that you made happened with your endless hours in your life that you have trained to be such an expert.

Rarely in life that one gets to encounter such brilliancy of a human being as you. We have met many to doctors in the world and we feel lucky and grateful for that. IN you we found , another type of doctor;

  • Incredible humanity and excellence as a surgeon.
  • Incredible and unique communication skills of a very difficult  reality and danger of an aggressive cancer.
  • A superb empathy beyond what we have ever seen . A vocabulary and accuracy in every word you told us and every thought you transmitted to us.

Your ability to plan  and execute an  incredibly process of healing for my husband was extraordinary.

The operation was a success. We always knew in our hearts and mind that he was in the best possible hands in the world during that very long operation. As he recovers from this major operation and change of life for ever for him, we know that you did the best it was possible for him given his cancer.

It is being difficult for him to have the bladder as he has it right now, and I remind him continuously how lucky he is to be able to be free of cancer as you told us.

As a family we are rejoiced with the results of your hard work. Your attention and communication with us. Your excellence in all you have done for us. Thank you very very very much .

We are preparing for the wedding with a huge enthusiasm and we could not be happier with the chance we have in life to marry our only  daughter and having him with us.

We for ever will be grateful to you.

Your effort, dedication, excellence and empathy with us was beyond your duty. You were so human with us. So kind with us. So extraordinary that I would love you to know how much our whole family in Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Germany and USA appreciates you and your excellence and your care.

We are so lucky to be the beneficiaries of the incredible career you have taken on your life. That one of healing patients.

The meaning in your life to save and cure humans is really really deep. The science of your expertise is impressive.

Thank YOU!!!