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Shraga Katz, PA-C

Dr. Shraga Katz
Dr. Shraga Katz
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Shraga David Katz graduated in 1974 from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and in 1979 from the USC School of Medicine PA program. He has been involved in the specialty of erectile dysfunction (ED) and its treatment since 1985. He is in charge of the erectile dysfunction aspect of the Tower Urology, a well-established practice of seven urologists in Los Angeles. He performs diagnostic evaluations and handles ED treatment protocols at Tower Urology. Additionally, he conducts research in the field of ED study as well as other urological clinical trials.

A member of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America and the International Society for Sexual Medicine, David Katz also serves on the advisory boards of a number of major pharmaceutical companies involved in the development of ED medications. In addition to having co-authored several articles about ED, David Katz regularly speaks to other health professionals and the community on behalf of the ED side of pharmaceutical industry.